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About us

Why Neo.

Our operation generates genuine value to our customers and partners based on a unique team of professionals trained in the effective exercise of their accounting skills, creating integrity in our business relationships.


Our experience.

We are a leading Brazilian company in accounting and tax consulting services operating international and national clients for more than 10 years, always offering a unique service and exceptional quality in accounting solutions.

Business Value

Professional Services.

We connect people with deep skills in various sectors of financial services, providing extensive knowledge of your business and additional specialized knowledge using innovative way and the best available technology.

Dealing with taxes

Tax expertise.

Our accounting experts are well experienced in what they do can also advise you about the financial challenges that may affect you and your business, including business accounting, preparation and income tax filing.

Native strength

Understanding Brazil.

We understand accounting at the international level and can provide a higher level of efficiency for companies seeking to operate in Brazil, following good management practices and global standards of operation also in Brazil.

Bringing vitality to the business.

Energy + Efficiency.

The Foundation of our value proposition is to map daily the best people and those who can add real value to the customers’ business processes, identifying trends and offering intelligent solutions to the market challenges of these industries.


Complete management services for Venture Capitals, Startups and International Companies operating in the Brazilian market.


Accountancy planning support, reorganization, tax recovery and revision of income declarations.

Tax & Fiscal

Tax calculation, withholding taxes, local, state and federal with focus on accessory monthly obligations.

Payroll and Benefits

Accurate payment and reporting of salaries and other payments to employees as well as benefit and pension plans.

Treasury Services

Best practices in diagnosis, operations, project, structured operations, and economics services.

Tax Planning Support

Creating projectios with figures based on legal tax planning able to demonstrate with numbers the results.

Rec & Sel

Monitoring open positions at company get involved in designing the recruitment plan together with the leaders of each department.

Transaction Support Services

A perfet combination of daily financial operations and traded security on payments.

Post Merger Execution

Supporting post M&S reestructuring companies in the light (ou in the view of) processes and systems integration

Capitals Market Support

Complete support in the area which allows for potential returns on the management of corporate resources.

Doing it Right way in the right time.

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years of operation

Bankruptcy Trustee

We can also operate as the official administrator at managing companies in recovery situations.

We offer the best accounting services for Venture Capital, Startups and international companies in Brazil.

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